If you ever see a girl standing in the corner of a book store obsessively feeling and flipping through every notebook that girl is most likely me.


Hi, I’m Jeanice and I’m a self-proclaimed journal junkie. To curb my addiction I frequently scour stationery stores in search of notebooks, pens, and the like. I started this blog to share and document my addiction to stationery but it has grown into something much more than that. I don’t want to just share with you the various stationery that I use; I wanted to take it beyond that and show you what can be derived from using it.

My interest in journaling and stationery really began with an interest in literature. And if I had to trace it back to a source it would be when my father took me to the main library in Ottawa when I was five years old. I still remember stepping through those revolving doors into a seemingly infinite library. Skip to years later and I’m an English Specialist at the University of Toronto with my nose in a book and a horde of used journals in my room.

To put it simply, this blog is a space for all the writers who have a penchant for stationery. It’s a place where we indulge in the analogue system of writing from which notebook to use to what sparks our creativity. So if you appreciate the slow-paced lifestyle that journaling entails then this is the place for you.

So why stationery and what is so special about it? Besides the pure great aesthetic of stationery it is also a tool to connect you with journaling which is something that needs to be protected in today’s world. It is quickly becoming a relic of a bygone era but I believe it still has value. Journals are the amalgamation of people who have come and gone in your life, including your past selves, and the events that took place. This plays out on the pages of your journal and while you’re reading your old entries you travel back to that time and place.

people grand central
Image by Unsplash / Pexels

That’s the reason why stationery reminds me so much of Grand Central Station (and hence the name). When I first visited New York City and entered Grand Central Station I couldn’t help but be in awe of its architectural beauty. I saw it as this place where all these travelers from different paths would converged into this one station. To me Grand Central Station, which has been opened since 1871, was a gateway to a bygone era, a platform of activity from people coming and going, and a place that can take you down any path you want to travel. That is exactly how journals function. It is also a symbol of a bygone era and a gateway for you to travel down any path you want to take to meet people and places of your past.

But all that starts with you, a pen, and a notebook. So join me on this journey and get on the write track.